The Launch of www.Bloods and is now up and running.
This website is not based on the typical concepts of gang activity or gang bangin’ as some would think.
Ths site is actually something that was a thought that had actually came to life one day, when I (O/G Madd Ronald
from West Adams Rollin’ 20’s Neighborhood Bloods) was having a conversation with Lil Crow from 21st Street Long
Beach Insane Crip.
I was telling him that I was considering the launching of a Blood and Crip website, where the administrator,
moderators, and primary contributors would be actual members from both sides and he was down with the concept.
This site is based on gang intervention, interaction, information, creativity, art, talent, and music.

I personally am in the gang intervention circles, as a member of an organization called 2nd C.A.L.L.
I am also an advocate of the Southern California Cease Fire Committee so I will be writing in my blog about my
attendance, interactions, and participation when I attend So. Cal. Cease Fire meetings and events.

I anticipate there will be a lot of conscious and unconscious interaction taking place between members of several
different gang communities through our forum boards and that is one of the main purposes of the existence of a
website of this nature, hopefully through interaction there may be some means of intervention.

A site like this will contain a lot of generalized information from within several gang communities from all over the
country and the world.
The purpose of any information placed on is not to assist law enforcement in any manner, so
I say to anyone posting any type of information on this site be conscious of whaever it is that you post, because it is
already known but I will mention for the unknowing “Anything posted on the internet is published for the world to see,
copy, and repost any and everywhere they wish to put it on the world wide web and anyone and everyone can read
your post, see, or copy your pics, (and that includes law enforcement, adversaries, and anyone else).

We are fully opened to creative expression from within the gang communities, (Not exclusively Bloods and Crips, but
Peoples Nation, Folks Nation, Nortenos and Surenos and anyone else).
The main rule to what it is that is considered acceptable contributions to this site is that none of the content be seen
as disrespect to anybody else’s sett or community.

There will also be acceptance of music where independent artist will be able to post their music videos on our Youtube
channel (Bloods and World Media).
I am a great supporter of independent rapp artist so feel free to make this your platform, my greater preference is
that all contributors are official members of the communities that they proclaim to represent, but if not make me
aware of that fact.

This is not the platform for internet gangbangin’ and confusion, this is a platform for solutions and resolution.
this may be the most dangerous place online that you can visit, from behind the safety of your keyboard.

“Welcome to the World Wide Gangsternet!!”

Reach out to me @

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