“Bloods and Crips, Cultural Revolutionaries in this Era of Change”

The gang community is evolving, even though, we are still a long way from the utopia that people constantly wish for.
I personally can remember growing up in Los Angeles back in the 1970’s and 80’s, as the gangs that everyone knows as Bloods and Crips were steadily developing in several different communities of Los Angeles.

From my membership, observation, and participation I recognize what some view as gang life is the urban subculture to us.
From the time of inception until present day we are now involved in a multi-generational cycle of life, that is still regenerating. As time goes on there is no end in sight, just more generations and more expansion from region to region.
I personally spent 2004 to 2006 as a resident of New York and New Jersey and spent quite a bit of time with Bloods in both states, I never really had any interaction with the Crips back east, I did encounter a few of them.
The interesting thing about the culture of the L.A. gang member is that it is embraced by the rest of the United States as if it was 2nd nature.
A lot of homegrown gangs that are more organic to specific cities ad states like Atlanta, Georgia and New York, New Jersey and other places around the country have either become defunct or become hybrids as they may have found ways to integrate themselves into the geographical gang culture by merging with the Blood and Crip forces.

As time progresses and the plight of urban communities falls in the hands of the urban militias that some refer to as gangs, and if history closely dictates the events of oppression that have been inflicted upon the young Black males by way of homicide or just physical brutality by way of law enforcement or vigilanteism, we must never forget that “Black Lives Matter” and people are taking to the streets in the name of revolution.
Within this revolution of cultural change and equality we must recognize how the Black man is regularly gunned down in cold blood and no one is held accountable for taking that Black life.

As you tune into the revolution by way of some type of telecast or broadcast, keep in mind for us on the ground everything has gone live.
Upon observation of the masses you may not see the Bloods and Crips among the crowd because you view the world through untrained eyes, not realizing they may be a mass amount of the people involved in protest and since Bloods and Crips are now national entities.
From the L.A. Riots of 1992 to the Baltimore Riots of 2015, we all recognize injustice, corruption, and brutality which is aimed at young Black males.
in the case of certain injustices the natives begin to co-mingle and build on behalf of a larger vision.
Through partys in common, mediation and dialogue is developed and leadership is drawn to the table. Agreements are reached and the opposing tribes begin to allow one another to gravitate freely in public with no conflict.

The vanguard of a unified Black movement or demonstration is the Bloods and Crips, because of their aggression, urban guerilla, tactics of survival and the national network that allows Bloods and Crips from different regions of the U.S. the ability to touchdown in cities and states all around the country where there gang alliance is established or annexed .
The conditions and visions of brutality constantly offend people of color everytime another video tape is released, and this is why there is such a need for change,
the images are always harm being inflicted on a Black man by the same police department that is suppose to protect his life.

There are basically 3 major tribes that exist within the Black community across the U.S. and those are Bloods, Crips, and the non affiliated Blacks.
That is not to discredit the Folks Nation or Peoples Nation or any other groups that are recognized, but Bloods and Crips exist in practically every state in the U.S., on both the east and west coast, and Alaska, Hawaii, some U.S. territories and as far away as countries like Belize and the Netherlands.

Whenever the resolutoin of gang violence is an objective in most cities outside of California Bloods and Crips have to be included in this process of gang related politics, but could you imagine if the true utopia could be achieved that people wish existed.
In order for that day to come it would take great levels of orchestration on behalf of the various leadership from place to place because gang politics call for each and every group involved to be treated as a soverign nation and treaties, agreements, and accords would need to be drawn up with specific terms regarding each and every group to be involved.

I personally can see the beginning of these types of negotiations developing around the injustices that are being inflicted on Black men around the U.S., but the main objective to maintaining a peaceful more poiliticized base of civility will take the Bloods, Crips, and the other active gangs that exist adjacent to there territories and there supporters, to go one step further than expected, (because gang members are presumed to be poorly educated and ignorant), and start prepping and vetting people from within the communities in which they reside to be politicians and also for the members of the various tribes to start using their voting power.
You see the old saying, “The pen is mightier than the sword” is truly a strong statement in this equation because now we as Bloods and Crips are not functioning as gangs, but more as poilitical parties, as my words appear to be circling aroung 360 degrees as you read, the bigger picture is that the power of the pen is what grants the most political power from a grander stand point and a lot more can be achieved from the barrel of a pen, then the barrel of a gun.

I once heard someone say they supported gang activity, but they don’t support gang violence.
Let us now take into consideration rival gang members coming together to mediate a truce, or resolve an immediate conflict that may be on the verge of blowing up into a national incident among warring gangs, is gang activity.
Bloods and Crips participating in any type of sporting event like a football game, or a basketball game would be considered being involved in gang activity.

When Bloods and Crips showed up for the rallies and meetings called by black activist when Trayvon Martin was gunned down in Florida, was that considered gang activity?
When people were called to action because a white police officer murdered (an unarmed) Mike Brown in Ferguson Missouri and the masses showed up and there are Bloods Crips and other gang factions sprinkled into the crowd is the considered gang activity?
When the NYPD mericlessly choked Erick Garner to death on in broad daylight as he used his last breaths to say, “I can’t breathe” as they were being taped, Black people took to the streets marching and demonstrating to stop police brutality but since there were Bloods and Crips involved would this be considered gang activity?

Well I will leave it up to you to determine what gang activity is, but I personally see a cultural revolution on the rise and in any revolution the vanguard is the battle ready militias, disorganized street crews, and gangs.

As history is written, will those that were involved in the insurrections of this day be spoken of, for the parts that they played in these revolution?
Never forget even if no one else takes on the responsibility history will write itself, so be conscious of the role you play, because your legacy will be attached to that role.
The day you die no one will be concerned with how you died, they will only speak of how you lived, if you woke up this morning, that is only proof that you still exist, but keep in mind, “just because you exist doesn’t mean you are living.”
If we are ever to find ourselves living in peace as a human race, we must first learn to live in peace as a Black race, then we can share that peace and love with others.
It is important that we understand, “To kill one Black man is to kill an entire generation of Black people,” because then we may possibly begin to understand and appreciate the value of one anothers existence, because it really does not matter Red, Blue, People, Folks or whatever your tribe maybe, your Black life does matter.

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