“The Attempt at Purging Black People from the Face of the Earth” written by Madd Ronald

A small prayer circle forms nearby where police are responding to a shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina June 17, 2015. A gunman opened fire on Wednesday evening at the historic African-American church in downtown Charleston, a U.S. police official said.  REUTERS/Randall Hill      TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

A small prayer circle forms nearby where police are responding to a shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina June 17, 2015. A gunman opened fire on Wednesday evening at the historic African-American church in downtown Charleston, a U.S. police official said. REUTERS/Randall Hill TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Wednesday June 17th, 2015 began for me as the overflow of a long Tuesday night, which resulted in less than an hour of sleep for me on Wednesday morning.

The reason for my lack of sleep was the fact that I had been invited to the invitation only “Urban Issues Breakfast Forum of Greater Los Angeles,” where the guest
speaker was the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

It was an honor to have recieved an invitation from the Nation of Islam and an even greater honor because I had the priviledge to invite my own guest which were
basically some of my conscious minded homeboys from my sett here in L.A. (West Adams Rollin’ 20’s Neighborhood Bloods).

There were those that took the stage prior to the minister the truly set the stage delivering great presentations that lead up to the main event.
There was Dr. Maulana Karenga (the creator of Kwaanza), Melina Abdullah (from Black Lives Matter), and one of my mentors Minister Tony Muhammad (Western
Regional Minister of th Nation of Islam) just to name those that stuck in my mind prior to Minister Farrakhan speaking.

Minister Farrakhan spoke of what it is that we as a Black community are in need of and what it takes to get it.
The minister gave a very powerful, thought provoking, speech that lasted somewhere around 2 hours and as he spoke I did scan the room every now and then to see
who was among us and saw a few interesting people in the room like (rapp artist) The Game and Kam, also I saw the real Rick Ross (Freeway Rick) in attendance.

The Black clergy from all over L.A. were in attendance, but the greatest thing I saw was Bloods and Crips from all around Southern California were present and they
were fully attentive.
at that moment or shall I say those 2 hour, both Bloods and Crips were of one mind gravitating in a constructive direction with the ministers guidance.

The energy that came from this function was wonderful and empowering, the day had started out with Black people respecting one another and looking beyond the
boundaries, politics, and differences that has stood as barriers between us for decades.

It was the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan that I heard speak of Bloods and Crips as 2 of the tribes that exist within the Black nation that are seperated by politics
and a long history of differences, that are in need of being mended, as we all know.

I was proud, conscious, and empowered as a Black man by the time the event was over.

Once again the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has brought the Black community together regardless of religious differences, political diffrerences, gang politics
and anything else that stands to divide us as a people, it was truly a proud moment.
I was high on the positive vibe that was in that room for the rest of the day.

Later that night I was watching the news and became devistated by the knowledge one of if not the worst terrorist attacks in history taking place in Charleston, North

I wish not to give any recognition to the person that committed this cowardly act because I wish not to make him any type of martyr or even to give him any type of
accalades for such a cowardly act, so his name won’t be mentioned.

So far from what I see and hear on the news the media is not calling this terrorism, the only type of journalist or news personality that I have sen call it what it terrorism
is John Stewart.

This terrorist entered Emmanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston South Carolina on Wednesday night during prayer services. He was in their presence for for at least 20
minutes, he prayed with the people there in the congregation, as he was invited to sit next to the pastor.

He finished his felowship with the congregation then made a statement to the affect, “You are raping our women and taking our land, you have to go.” That is the
rhetoric of a white suprmacist that would seem to be constantly brought up in conversation, in the means of indoctrination, because those were not just words those
were beliefs.

The beliefs that I speak of are the beliefs of white supremacist that believe in purging the land of all that they view as unpure in other words Black people.

Let us get something straight from the gate I am far from a racist, but I am conscious of the fact that race in America is more than a conversation.

The U.S. government detains young people on a regular basis that attempt to leave the U.S. for the middle east to join groups like the Taliban, ISIS, and Al Queda, upon
knowledge of such affiliations the government of the U.S. will get out in front of the their titles and memberships and classify them as terrorist before they are ever
detained, but these are people sympathize or identify with a cause even though it may not be the most patriotic in the eyes of the U.S. government.

My question to the world is why is this not treated as an act of terrorism?
I was watching the news yesterday and heard civil rights attorney Leo Terrell (who I happen to respect) make an Uncle Tom statement, that I found to be disrespectful
to the victims of the church shootings and their families, when He got on the news and said this was not a hate crime.
He also said something to the affect that we need to get over race, “Now how the fuck can Black people get over race when it is the Black people that are constantly
under attack?”
The less priviledged you are, the more the reality of racism is right in front of your face, because the poor fight for nothing and the rich have nothing to fight for.

A fine example is Mothers Day 2014, Black families that resided in the Ramona Gardens housing projects in the Boyle Heights section of Los Angeles found their
homes to be fire bombed in the early morning hours for no other
reason than they were Black.
It is not the choice of poor Black families to reside in the low income housing projects among some of the poorest families in the county of Los Angeles, but living
among the poorest and not looking like them or speaking their native language can sometimes be determined as a reason for the natives of these low income
dwellings to wish to cleanse their community of all that is not of their ethnic orgin (preferably Black People).

The atrocities commited against these Black families were not the doing of their neighbors adjacent to them in the projects, but it was from a higher calling to the local
gang that has occupied those housing projects for decades.

When law enforcement determined who it was that committed these acts of terrorism all evidence was gathered and the federal government conducted a series of
raids and rounded up these gang members charging those involved in throwing Molotov Cocktails into the homes of theses Black families in the early morning hours
as they slept, with federal hate crimes.

So let US figure, “What the fuck is Leo Terell talking about?, when he says, “We need to get over the race issue and move on.”

In some senses I can almost comprehend what he is saying, but there is that other side of me that says, “Fuck that!!” because racism is so visible there is no hiding
from it.

The world values Black life according to the way that Black people value Black life and it is just as atrocious to take into consideration how Black life is regarded in the
inner cities.
We take to the streets with protest, mass demonstrations, disruptive behavior, and riots when it is a caucasion vigilante or police officer kills one of us, but what about
when the terrorist is one of our own, case in point early this month around June 2nd a Black mother was patronizing a car wash in L.A. on Florence Avenue and
Crenshaw Blvd, her 19 year old son was with ther who had special needs and he was wearing red shoes, in brief the story is, he went to a nearby store where he was hit
up and banged on by local gang members who did not like the color of his shoes.

They demanded he take his shoes off and he evaded the situation, making his way back to his mother back at the car wash.
He was back in the car with his mother and his mother was driving away to safety, when the gang members opened fire on the car with both him and his mother in it.
The son was struck by the gunmans bullets and later died at a hospital.

We make proclaimations to be Black and proud, to be Black and dignified, but when the killer of one us comes from among us, we practically disregard the situation
and it goes away over night.
My point of bringing up the incident of Black on Black crime in the midst of all this racial terrorism that is being inflicted on Black people, is that the Black man and
woman are the most hated man on the face of the Earth, they are hated by White people, they are hated by Brown people, and most of all they are hated by Black
This self hatred that exist among the Black people is eating away at the soul of the Black community.

It is bad enough that a black family can not live in certain communities in Los Angeles, because of the color of their skin, but it is even worse, because of the self
hatred that black people have for themselves, Black Families have to live under seige in Black communites inside of Los Angeles.
You see there are those that have a desire to purge the existence of Black people from the face of the Earth
, but the worse part of that is that there are Black people
that have that same desire.

On the night of Wednesday June 17, 2015, one of the most horrific acts in history took took place and it was indeed an act of terrorism, but the worst part is there are
plenty more brainwashed torpedoes just like him, that are ready to go and to make things even worse, our own Black people are purging Black People and are not
even conscious of the affects their genocide and fratricide will have on the future generations.

As I say and will continue to say “To kill one Black man is to kill an entire generation of Black people, fore I to was once lost within the unconscious science of gang
bangin” then I had to appreciate the lives that I have been gifted with fathering, and I realized that It really does take a village to raise a child and I don’t want to be the
one to burn the village down with irresponsible, negative, retalitory ideology, and now I recognize my greatness as a Conscious Blood because I do know my true power.

It is my personal belief that those among us that proclaim to be combatants or gangsters in the streets that would regularly be reeking havok in our communities,
should be taking a stand.
When I speak of taking a stand I don’t mean in a negative way or to commit senseless acts of violence against people because they are another color other than Black.
What I mean is they should be extending themselves to the houses of worship.

That’s right these same churches that our mothers, grandmothers and elders have attended since the beginning of time, should be at least overseen by some of
theses same people most of whom came from the churches before the started on their path into the darkenss.

When I say oversee I mean they should be checking in with the pastors, reverends, and ministers assisting in anyway to provide security for the parishoners as they
fellowship and worship in peace.
I just read another article about shots being fired into a church in Memphis, Tennessee within the last week, the only thing I can figure is that our houses of worship are
under attack and the copy cats are up and on the move.

The South Carolina shooter stated that he was trying to start a race war and what better way to start it than attacking our families while they are in church, and it is my
belief that if the war is taking place in the church, then the first line of defense for the Black community which I think is the gang members should be providing safe
passage for church goers to be able to worship in peace, even if they have to stand at the door armed and ready to do whatever it takes to protect the lives of our
spiritual and religious family.

There exist only one race and that is the human race and we as human beings need to learn how to co-exist because no matter how much hatred exist among people,
the people will die of hatred and the hatred will still live on.

I understand just because your are awake does not make you conscious and just because you exist does not mean you are living.

I say to all that Planet Earth was not granted to one specific ethnicity or nationality and only the ignorant believe that to be a truth.
On the night of the Charleston, South Carolina church massacre the shooter uttered, such white supremacist rhetoric as, “You are raping our women and taking our
land, you have to go.”
The indoctrination of that idology came from within a circle of his peers or elders and his mind was infected with a cancer of hatred for Black people, but that was
something that was taught, either at home or amidst his social circle.
Somewhere in the U.S. there may possibly be more just like him, willing to commit even worst acts in there attempts to purge the Black existence from the face of the
Earth, so what shall we choose to be our destiny?

I have latched on to “Black Lives Matter” because it is a truth that we all must live by and if it is not a truth then my life does not matter and neither does the lives of my
kids and grandkids and I find that to be a lie.

The world is in turmoil as the events that are taking place become more horrific, but I am trying to hold on to optimism and the acountability of a few bad apples in the
This life is a gift and it is meant to be shared with all people of all ethnicities and nationalities as we cross each others paths on a daily basis for there is on one race
and that being the human race and unity is much needed as the world heals from the tragedy that took place in South Carolina, but in order for there to be world unity,
there must first be Black unity.

instead of acknowledgement of my 2 fingers or pinky and thumb, I extend to you a Black fist extended toward the the sky, as I wish you all health, wealth, peace, and
I personally am not a religious person and I would not call on the power of prayer, but considering the mitigating circumstances of what happened in a house of
worship, I close with simply pray for peace.

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