Former L.A. City Atty. Carmen Trutanich, shown in 2013, denied wrongdoing in a case he prosecuted: “I’m sure as hell not going to my grave and meeting my maker having hid information in a death penalty case.” Login to forum news to read the article and leave comments, opinions. April 25, 2016 “Ex-L.A. City Atty. Trutanich failed to disclose witness ID while prosecuting a murder case, judge rules.”

In his campaigns to win elected office in Los Angeles Carmen Trutanich billed himself as a fearless crime fighter.

To drive home the point, he talked frequently about a murder conviction he won as a young prosecutor against a South L.A. gang member who was sentenced to death for a 1982 killing.

Trutanich, who served four years as city attorney, told of how he hadn’t wavered in his face-off with Barry Williams, whom he called “one of the most notorious and violent gang leaders in Los Angeles.”

But as Trutanich was giving stump speeches, lawyers for Williams were telling a federal judge a very different story about the candidate and the murder case. Serious misconduct by Trutanich, they alleged, had deprived Williams of a fair trial.

In a recent sharply worded ruling, U.S. District Judge David O. Carter agreed, concluding that Trutanich had broken two cardinal rules for criminal prosecutors by withholding the identity of a witness and failing to correct false testimony by his key witness.

“Trutanich’s failure at trial,” the judge wrote, “was deeply troubling.”

After several years of litigation, Carter threw out Williams’ murder conviction and death sentence, finding that Trutanich’s conduct, along with other errors at trial, “significantly undermined the integrity” of the guilty verdict. In his ruling, Carter also took a swipe at justices on the California Supreme Court for refusing to review Williams’ case when it came to them more than 15 years ago and giving similar short shrift to most death penalty reviews.

Trutanich, who now works in a private law firm, has staunchly denied misleading the jury or withholding information from Williams’ attorneys when he prosecuted Williams in 1985 as a member of the hard-core gang unit in the LA County district attorney’s office.

“I’m sure as hell not going to my grave and meeting my maker having hid information in a death penalty case,” he said in an interview. “Never happened. Never happened. No. Not me.”

The order from Carter is a rare one, joining just a handful of death penalty convictions in California that have been overturned because of prosecutorial misconduct since capital punishment was reinstated in 1977. In that time, more than 850 people have been sentenced to death.

Mark Silverstein, who represented Williams in the 1990s in the bid to overturn the conviction in state courts, recalled being stunned when he discovered documents that Carter cited as proof of prosecutorial wrongdoing.

“The outcome of the case may very well have been different,” if not for Trutanich’s actions, Silverstein said.

Williams, 54, is not expected to walk free any time soon, if ever. In a separate trial, Trutanich convicted Williams of murder in another fatal shooting, resulting in a sentence of 34 years to life. Unless the conviction in that case is also reversed, a state parole board — and then the governor — would need to decide whether to grant Williams parole.

A spokeswoman for California Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris said the office was reviewing Carter’s ruling and had not yet decided whether to appeal. L.A. County Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey, meanwhile, could choose to retry Williams, although winning a new conviction would be difficult with most of the witnesses and investigators dead.

Carter’s decision late last month centers on the killing of Jerome Dunn, who was gunned down on a rainy night in March 1982 on a street in South Los Angeles by someone in a passing van. Patricia Lewis, who was a passenger in a car driving nearby, was the only eyewitness to testify.

At the trial, Lewis identified Williams as the van’s driver and said she saw him, not others in the van, fire at Dunn, Carter wrote.

But Lewis lied on the stand about the identity of the person who was driving her, according to a detailed review of the case Carter included in his ruling. Evidence indicated Lewis gave a fake name to protect the driver, Arlean McKay, who was afraid of getting involved, Carter wrote.

In faulting Trutanich, Carter pointed to handwritten notes by the prosecutor that Silverstein found in the investigative file compiled by detectives and prosecutors at the time of the slaying. In the notes, Trutanich wrote both McKay’s name and the fake name Lewis made up, according to Carter’s ruling. In one note, Trutanich wrote the two names next to each other and put them in quotation marks — which the judge said indicated Trutanich knew there were doubts about the woman’s actual identity.

Trutanich acknowledged that he wrote the notes but insisted he never learned the real identity of the woman who drove Lewis. McKay’s name had surfaced during the investigation, and Trutanich said it was provided to the defense.


“I’m telling you, everything I had, they got. I didn’t try to keep anything secret from them,” Trutanich said at a hearing in the case last year.

But the judge said in his ruling that he reviewed the documents Trutanich turned over to the defense at trial, and they did not include the handwritten notes or any other information indicating McKay drove Lewis.

The more egregious error, however, was that Trutanich did not speak up during the trial when Lewis used the fake name, Jean Rivers, the judge wrote.

Taken together, Carter ruled, the missteps kept the defense in the dark about the driver’s identity and denied them the chance to find her to determine whether her account differed from what Lewis said she saw. Had jurors known that she had lied about who was driving, it might have given less credibility to the rest of her testimony, the judge ruled.

McKay died a few years after Williams’ trial. Lewis could not be reached for comment.

In throwing out the murder conviction, Carter also ruled that an informant had improperly elicited information from Williams and should not have been allowed to testify at the trial and that a second informant who testified was not credible.

Trutanich denied in an interview with The Times that he had invoked Williams’ case in his election campaigns, which included his successful 2009 run for city attorney and his failed bid to become district attorney in 2012.

Campaign materials from the two races, however, show otherwise.

In a brochure he created for the city attorney race, Trutanich noted he had won a conviction and death verdict against Williams. And in a television spot, the narrator says, “It was Trutanich who got the conviction of Barry Glenn Williams” and, if elected, would work “to make sure gang members serve real time.”

An online ad made for his district attorney race showed Trutanich driving along the street where the killing occurred and talking at length about the case. He described Lewis as “a church-going lady” and praised her willingness to testify despite having her house shot up before the trial.

“I can tell you that this case is really built and was won on Carmen Trutanich’s tenacity,” a former district attorney’s investigator and close aide to Trutanich says in the video. “He gave it 24/7, so there was no time off for him.”

Trutanich lost his bid for reelection as city attorney in 2013.

In his ruling, Carter saved some of his harshest criticism for the state Supreme Court, which rejected Williams’ petition for help in 2000 without a substantial review of the case. The move, Carter wrote, “was inexplicable.”

Under California law, Trutanich is required to notify the State Bar, which administers attorney discipline, of Carter’s ruling. A 2010 study by the California Innocence Project found that the State Bar rarely disciplined prosecutors in such cases.

Joe Holmes, a retired L.A. County sheriff’s investigator who worked on the case, defended Trutanich, recalling him as a good prosecutor who wouldn’t intentionally deceive or mislead. Williams, he added, was a notoriously violent gang member suspected of being involved in more than a dozen slayings.

Silverstein, Williams’ former attorney, thought differently.

“A prosecutor hid evidence, and it took 30 years to correct it,” he said. “There’s something wrong with that.”

Rash of Gang Shootings Occur in South Los Angeles

April 14, 2016
Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper-

The Southwest Area Community-Police Advisory Board met on April 4 to discuss a rash of gang shootings that recently occurred in South Los Angeles.

“In March, we had four shootings which resulted in two homicides,” said Southwest Division Area Commanding Officer Captain Gerald Woodyard.

“We still have problems with gangs in the area, but we will not give up on apprehension and arrests,” Woodyard said.

The officer then reported on gun activity that had recently occurred. “An 81-year-old male individual was leaving a liquor store late at night this past Friday and was shot at St. Andrews Street and Jefferson Avenue,” Woodyard reported. “Another victim was shot at 39th Street and Normandie Avenue as he was coming home from a pizza parlor with his girlfriend which we believe was gang related. Gunfire also occurred at the corner of Halldale Avenue and Adams Boulevard, but thankfully, no one was shot.”

Woodyard added that a “particularly violent” gang member was recently apprehended by police who, they believe, was involved in a number of shootings. “He was a key player in the recent uptick of gang violence in the Southwest division and in Compton. Hopefully his arrest will result in a decrease in gang related crime in the area.”

Woodyard said that police are still plagued by the Rolling ‘20s, ‘30s and the Black P Stones gangs who still operate in the area.

“Whenever there is a funeral or a repast, there is a possibility that members of these groups will be present and retaliatory shootings could occur,” said Woodyard, who added that rival gang members could possibly open fire to avenge a fellow gang member’s death.

Woodyard was also concerned that candlelight vigils attract gang members. “We are not in the business of removing candlelight vigils because we don’t want to create a rift with gang members,” he said. “We understand that there is a mourning period for friends and family, but rival gang members often show up at these vigils, so we urge residents to wrap up the candlelight vigils as soon as possible.”

“We want to have strategic policing and identify gang members who are committing violent crimes,” Woodyard added, who mentioned that gang interventionists play a “huge role” in keeping peace among rival gangs. “Our goal is to get rival gang members to sit down with each other and have dialogue because people are hurting and dying.”

“The community must remain vigilant and continue to partner with us and provide information that will assist us in creating a safer environment. The Southwest Division is committed to making this community safer and I believe we are headed in the right direction,” said Woodyard.

Southwest Division Senior Lead Officer Sunny Sashajima said that graffiti remains a problem the area. “In the last four or five days, new graffiti has been written along the Crenshaw corridor. A lot of gang communication is done through graffiti,” he pointed out. “If you see graffiti in your neighborhood, submit a graffiti removal request to the city. The sooner you put in a request, the sooner it will be removed.”

Sashajima also warned residents to not leave valuables in their cars. “Fifty percent of thefts in vehicles happen when cars are unsecured,” he pointed out.

Southwest Division Senior Lead Officer Tynisha King warned residents to remain vigilant about property crime. “As we head into the warm summer months, neighborhoods should maintain a strong presence. Be watchful. Have your neighbors watch the front yard.”

Southwest Senior Lead Officer Pierre Olega urged residents to be proactive if they suspected a possible crime was being committed in their neighborhood. “If it doesn’t look right and it doesn’t feel right, let us know. Call it in to the police,” he said.

“The Attempt at Purging Black People from the Face of the Earth” written by Madd Ronald

A small prayer circle forms nearby where police are responding to a shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina June 17, 2015. A gunman opened fire on Wednesday evening at the historic African-American church in downtown Charleston, a U.S. police official said.  REUTERS/Randall Hill      TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

A small prayer circle forms nearby where police are responding to a shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina June 17, 2015. A gunman opened fire on Wednesday evening at the historic African-American church in downtown Charleston, a U.S. police official said. REUTERS/Randall Hill TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Wednesday June 17th, 2015 began for me as the overflow of a long Tuesday night, which resulted in less than an hour of sleep for me on Wednesday morning.

The reason for my lack of sleep was the fact that I had been invited to the invitation only “Urban Issues Breakfast Forum of Greater Los Angeles,” where the guest
speaker was the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

It was an honor to have recieved an invitation from the Nation of Islam and an even greater honor because I had the priviledge to invite my own guest which were
basically some of my conscious minded homeboys from my sett here in L.A. (West Adams Rollin’ 20’s Neighborhood Bloods).

There were those that took the stage prior to the minister the truly set the stage delivering great presentations that lead up to the main event.
There was Dr. Maulana Karenga (the creator of Kwaanza), Melina Abdullah (from Black Lives Matter), and one of my mentors Minister Tony Muhammad (Western
Regional Minister of th Nation of Islam) just to name those that stuck in my mind prior to Minister Farrakhan speaking.

Minister Farrakhan spoke of what it is that we as a Black community are in need of and what it takes to get it.
The minister gave a very powerful, thought provoking, speech that lasted somewhere around 2 hours and as he spoke I did scan the room every now and then to see
who was among us and saw a few interesting people in the room like (rapp artist) The Game and Kam, also I saw the real Rick Ross (Freeway Rick) in attendance.

The Black clergy from all over L.A. were in attendance, but the greatest thing I saw was Bloods and Crips from all around Southern California were present and they
were fully attentive.
at that moment or shall I say those 2 hour, both Bloods and Crips were of one mind gravitating in a constructive direction with the ministers guidance.

The energy that came from this function was wonderful and empowering, the day had started out with Black people respecting one another and looking beyond the
boundaries, politics, and differences that has stood as barriers between us for decades.

It was the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan that I heard speak of Bloods and Crips as 2 of the tribes that exist within the Black nation that are seperated by politics
and a long history of differences, that are in need of being mended, as we all know.

I was proud, conscious, and empowered as a Black man by the time the event was over.

Once again the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has brought the Black community together regardless of religious differences, political diffrerences, gang politics
and anything else that stands to divide us as a people, it was truly a proud moment.
I was high on the positive vibe that was in that room for the rest of the day.

Later that night I was watching the news and became devistated by the knowledge one of if not the worst terrorist attacks in history taking place in Charleston, North

I wish not to give any recognition to the person that committed this cowardly act because I wish not to make him any type of martyr or even to give him any type of
accalades for such a cowardly act, so his name won’t be mentioned.

So far from what I see and hear on the news the media is not calling this terrorism, the only type of journalist or news personality that I have sen call it what it terrorism
is John Stewart.

This terrorist entered Emmanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston South Carolina on Wednesday night during prayer services. He was in their presence for for at least 20
minutes, he prayed with the people there in the congregation, as he was invited to sit next to the pastor.

He finished his felowship with the congregation then made a statement to the affect, “You are raping our women and taking our land, you have to go.” That is the
rhetoric of a white suprmacist that would seem to be constantly brought up in conversation, in the means of indoctrination, because those were not just words those
were beliefs.

The beliefs that I speak of are the beliefs of white supremacist that believe in purging the land of all that they view as unpure in other words Black people.

Let us get something straight from the gate I am far from a racist, but I am conscious of the fact that race in America is more than a conversation.

The U.S. government detains young people on a regular basis that attempt to leave the U.S. for the middle east to join groups like the Taliban, ISIS, and Al Queda, upon
knowledge of such affiliations the government of the U.S. will get out in front of the their titles and memberships and classify them as terrorist before they are ever
detained, but these are people sympathize or identify with a cause even though it may not be the most patriotic in the eyes of the U.S. government.

My question to the world is why is this not treated as an act of terrorism?
I was watching the news yesterday and heard civil rights attorney Leo Terrell (who I happen to respect) make an Uncle Tom statement, that I found to be disrespectful
to the victims of the church shootings and their families, when He got on the news and said this was not a hate crime.
He also said something to the affect that we need to get over race, “Now how the fuck can Black people get over race when it is the Black people that are constantly
under attack?”
The less priviledged you are, the more the reality of racism is right in front of your face, because the poor fight for nothing and the rich have nothing to fight for.

A fine example is Mothers Day 2014, Black families that resided in the Ramona Gardens housing projects in the Boyle Heights section of Los Angeles found their
homes to be fire bombed in the early morning hours for no other
reason than they were Black.
It is not the choice of poor Black families to reside in the low income housing projects among some of the poorest families in the county of Los Angeles, but living
among the poorest and not looking like them or speaking their native language can sometimes be determined as a reason for the natives of these low income
dwellings to wish to cleanse their community of all that is not of their ethnic orgin (preferably Black People).

The atrocities commited against these Black families were not the doing of their neighbors adjacent to them in the projects, but it was from a higher calling to the local
gang that has occupied those housing projects for decades.

When law enforcement determined who it was that committed these acts of terrorism all evidence was gathered and the federal government conducted a series of
raids and rounded up these gang members charging those involved in throwing Molotov Cocktails into the homes of theses Black families in the early morning hours
as they slept, with federal hate crimes.

So let US figure, “What the fuck is Leo Terell talking about?, when he says, “We need to get over the race issue and move on.”

In some senses I can almost comprehend what he is saying, but there is that other side of me that says, “Fuck that!!” because racism is so visible there is no hiding
from it.

The world values Black life according to the way that Black people value Black life and it is just as atrocious to take into consideration how Black life is regarded in the
inner cities.
We take to the streets with protest, mass demonstrations, disruptive behavior, and riots when it is a caucasion vigilante or police officer kills one of us, but what about
when the terrorist is one of our own, case in point early this month around June 2nd a Black mother was patronizing a car wash in L.A. on Florence Avenue and
Crenshaw Blvd, her 19 year old son was with ther who had special needs and he was wearing red shoes, in brief the story is, he went to a nearby store where he was hit
up and banged on by local gang members who did not like the color of his shoes.

They demanded he take his shoes off and he evaded the situation, making his way back to his mother back at the car wash.
He was back in the car with his mother and his mother was driving away to safety, when the gang members opened fire on the car with both him and his mother in it.
The son was struck by the gunmans bullets and later died at a hospital.

We make proclaimations to be Black and proud, to be Black and dignified, but when the killer of one us comes from among us, we practically disregard the situation
and it goes away over night.
My point of bringing up the incident of Black on Black crime in the midst of all this racial terrorism that is being inflicted on Black people, is that the Black man and
woman are the most hated man on the face of the Earth, they are hated by White people, they are hated by Brown people, and most of all they are hated by Black
This self hatred that exist among the Black people is eating away at the soul of the Black community.

It is bad enough that a black family can not live in certain communities in Los Angeles, because of the color of their skin, but it is even worse, because of the self
hatred that black people have for themselves, Black Families have to live under seige in Black communites inside of Los Angeles.
You see there are those that have a desire to purge the existence of Black people from the face of the Earth
, but the worse part of that is that there are Black people
that have that same desire.

On the night of Wednesday June 17, 2015, one of the most horrific acts in history took took place and it was indeed an act of terrorism, but the worst part is there are
plenty more brainwashed torpedoes just like him, that are ready to go and to make things even worse, our own Black people are purging Black People and are not
even conscious of the affects their genocide and fratricide will have on the future generations.

As I say and will continue to say “To kill one Black man is to kill an entire generation of Black people, fore I to was once lost within the unconscious science of gang
bangin” then I had to appreciate the lives that I have been gifted with fathering, and I realized that It really does take a village to raise a child and I don’t want to be the
one to burn the village down with irresponsible, negative, retalitory ideology, and now I recognize my greatness as a Conscious Blood because I do know my true power.

It is my personal belief that those among us that proclaim to be combatants or gangsters in the streets that would regularly be reeking havok in our communities,
should be taking a stand.
When I speak of taking a stand I don’t mean in a negative way or to commit senseless acts of violence against people because they are another color other than Black.
What I mean is they should be extending themselves to the houses of worship.

That’s right these same churches that our mothers, grandmothers and elders have attended since the beginning of time, should be at least overseen by some of
theses same people most of whom came from the churches before the started on their path into the darkenss.

When I say oversee I mean they should be checking in with the pastors, reverends, and ministers assisting in anyway to provide security for the parishoners as they
fellowship and worship in peace.
I just read another article about shots being fired into a church in Memphis, Tennessee within the last week, the only thing I can figure is that our houses of worship are
under attack and the copy cats are up and on the move.

The South Carolina shooter stated that he was trying to start a race war and what better way to start it than attacking our families while they are in church, and it is my
belief that if the war is taking place in the church, then the first line of defense for the Black community which I think is the gang members should be providing safe
passage for church goers to be able to worship in peace, even if they have to stand at the door armed and ready to do whatever it takes to protect the lives of our
spiritual and religious family.

There exist only one race and that is the human race and we as human beings need to learn how to co-exist because no matter how much hatred exist among people,
the people will die of hatred and the hatred will still live on.

I understand just because your are awake does not make you conscious and just because you exist does not mean you are living.

I say to all that Planet Earth was not granted to one specific ethnicity or nationality and only the ignorant believe that to be a truth.
On the night of the Charleston, South Carolina church massacre the shooter uttered, such white supremacist rhetoric as, “You are raping our women and taking our
land, you have to go.”
The indoctrination of that idology came from within a circle of his peers or elders and his mind was infected with a cancer of hatred for Black people, but that was
something that was taught, either at home or amidst his social circle.
Somewhere in the U.S. there may possibly be more just like him, willing to commit even worst acts in there attempts to purge the Black existence from the face of the
Earth, so what shall we choose to be our destiny?

I have latched on to “Black Lives Matter” because it is a truth that we all must live by and if it is not a truth then my life does not matter and neither does the lives of my
kids and grandkids and I find that to be a lie.

The world is in turmoil as the events that are taking place become more horrific, but I am trying to hold on to optimism and the acountability of a few bad apples in the
This life is a gift and it is meant to be shared with all people of all ethnicities and nationalities as we cross each others paths on a daily basis for there is on one race
and that being the human race and unity is much needed as the world heals from the tragedy that took place in South Carolina, but in order for there to be world unity,
there must first be Black unity.

instead of acknowledgement of my 2 fingers or pinky and thumb, I extend to you a Black fist extended toward the the sky, as I wish you all health, wealth, peace, and
I personally am not a religious person and I would not call on the power of prayer, but considering the mitigating circumstances of what happened in a house of
worship, I close with simply pray for peace.

“Bloods and Crips, Cultural Revolutionaries in this Era of Change”

The gang community is evolving, even though, we are still a long way from the utopia that people constantly wish for.
I personally can remember growing up in Los Angeles back in the 1970’s and 80’s, as the gangs that everyone knows as Bloods and Crips were steadily developing in several different communities of Los Angeles.

From my membership, observation, and participation I recognize what some view as gang life is the urban subculture to us.
From the time of inception until present day we are now involved in a multi-generational cycle of life, that is still regenerating. As time goes on there is no end in sight, just more generations and more expansion from region to region.
I personally spent 2004 to 2006 as a resident of New York and New Jersey and spent quite a bit of time with Bloods in both states, I never really had any interaction with the Crips back east, I did encounter a few of them.
The interesting thing about the culture of the L.A. gang member is that it is embraced by the rest of the United States as if it was 2nd nature.
A lot of homegrown gangs that are more organic to specific cities ad states like Atlanta, Georgia and New York, New Jersey and other places around the country have either become defunct or become hybrids as they may have found ways to integrate themselves into the geographical gang culture by merging with the Blood and Crip forces.

As time progresses and the plight of urban communities falls in the hands of the urban militias that some refer to as gangs, and if history closely dictates the events of oppression that have been inflicted upon the young Black males by way of homicide or just physical brutality by way of law enforcement or vigilanteism, we must never forget that “Black Lives Matter” and people are taking to the streets in the name of revolution.
Within this revolution of cultural change and equality we must recognize how the Black man is regularly gunned down in cold blood and no one is held accountable for taking that Black life.

As you tune into the revolution by way of some type of telecast or broadcast, keep in mind for us on the ground everything has gone live.
Upon observation of the masses you may not see the Bloods and Crips among the crowd because you view the world through untrained eyes, not realizing they may be a mass amount of the people involved in protest and since Bloods and Crips are now national entities.
From the L.A. Riots of 1992 to the Baltimore Riots of 2015, we all recognize injustice, corruption, and brutality which is aimed at young Black males.
in the case of certain injustices the natives begin to co-mingle and build on behalf of a larger vision.
Through partys in common, mediation and dialogue is developed and leadership is drawn to the table. Agreements are reached and the opposing tribes begin to allow one another to gravitate freely in public with no conflict.

The vanguard of a unified Black movement or demonstration is the Bloods and Crips, because of their aggression, urban guerilla, tactics of survival and the national network that allows Bloods and Crips from different regions of the U.S. the ability to touchdown in cities and states all around the country where there gang alliance is established or annexed .
The conditions and visions of brutality constantly offend people of color everytime another video tape is released, and this is why there is such a need for change,
the images are always harm being inflicted on a Black man by the same police department that is suppose to protect his life.

There are basically 3 major tribes that exist within the Black community across the U.S. and those are Bloods, Crips, and the non affiliated Blacks.
That is not to discredit the Folks Nation or Peoples Nation or any other groups that are recognized, but Bloods and Crips exist in practically every state in the U.S., on both the east and west coast, and Alaska, Hawaii, some U.S. territories and as far away as countries like Belize and the Netherlands.

Whenever the resolutoin of gang violence is an objective in most cities outside of California Bloods and Crips have to be included in this process of gang related politics, but could you imagine if the true utopia could be achieved that people wish existed.
In order for that day to come it would take great levels of orchestration on behalf of the various leadership from place to place because gang politics call for each and every group involved to be treated as a soverign nation and treaties, agreements, and accords would need to be drawn up with specific terms regarding each and every group to be involved.

I personally can see the beginning of these types of negotiations developing around the injustices that are being inflicted on Black men around the U.S., but the main objective to maintaining a peaceful more poiliticized base of civility will take the Bloods, Crips, and the other active gangs that exist adjacent to there territories and there supporters, to go one step further than expected, (because gang members are presumed to be poorly educated and ignorant), and start prepping and vetting people from within the communities in which they reside to be politicians and also for the members of the various tribes to start using their voting power.
You see the old saying, “The pen is mightier than the sword” is truly a strong statement in this equation because now we as Bloods and Crips are not functioning as gangs, but more as poilitical parties, as my words appear to be circling aroung 360 degrees as you read, the bigger picture is that the power of the pen is what grants the most political power from a grander stand point and a lot more can be achieved from the barrel of a pen, then the barrel of a gun.

I once heard someone say they supported gang activity, but they don’t support gang violence.
Let us now take into consideration rival gang members coming together to mediate a truce, or resolve an immediate conflict that may be on the verge of blowing up into a national incident among warring gangs, is gang activity.
Bloods and Crips participating in any type of sporting event like a football game, or a basketball game would be considered being involved in gang activity.

When Bloods and Crips showed up for the rallies and meetings called by black activist when Trayvon Martin was gunned down in Florida, was that considered gang activity?
When people were called to action because a white police officer murdered (an unarmed) Mike Brown in Ferguson Missouri and the masses showed up and there are Bloods Crips and other gang factions sprinkled into the crowd is the considered gang activity?
When the NYPD mericlessly choked Erick Garner to death on in broad daylight as he used his last breaths to say, “I can’t breathe” as they were being taped, Black people took to the streets marching and demonstrating to stop police brutality but since there were Bloods and Crips involved would this be considered gang activity?

Well I will leave it up to you to determine what gang activity is, but I personally see a cultural revolution on the rise and in any revolution the vanguard is the battle ready militias, disorganized street crews, and gangs.

As history is written, will those that were involved in the insurrections of this day be spoken of, for the parts that they played in these revolution?
Never forget even if no one else takes on the responsibility history will write itself, so be conscious of the role you play, because your legacy will be attached to that role.
The day you die no one will be concerned with how you died, they will only speak of how you lived, if you woke up this morning, that is only proof that you still exist, but keep in mind, “just because you exist doesn’t mean you are living.”
If we are ever to find ourselves living in peace as a human race, we must first learn to live in peace as a Black race, then we can share that peace and love with others.
It is important that we understand, “To kill one Black man is to kill an entire generation of Black people,” because then we may possibly begin to understand and appreciate the value of one anothers existence, because it really does not matter Red, Blue, People, Folks or whatever your tribe maybe, your Black life does matter.

The Launch of www.Bloods and is now up and running.
This website is not based on the typical concepts of gang activity or gang bangin’ as some would think.
Ths site is actually something that was a thought that had actually came to life one day, when I (O/G Madd Ronald
from West Adams Rollin’ 20’s Neighborhood Bloods) was having a conversation with Lil Crow from 21st Street Long
Beach Insane Crip.
I was telling him that I was considering the launching of a Blood and Crip website, where the administrator,
moderators, and primary contributors would be actual members from both sides and he was down with the concept.
This site is based on gang intervention, interaction, information, creativity, art, talent, and music.

I personally am in the gang intervention circles, as a member of an organization called 2nd C.A.L.L.
I am also an advocate of the Southern California Cease Fire Committee so I will be writing in my blog about my
attendance, interactions, and participation when I attend So. Cal. Cease Fire meetings and events.

I anticipate there will be a lot of conscious and unconscious interaction taking place between members of several
different gang communities through our forum boards and that is one of the main purposes of the existence of a
website of this nature, hopefully through interaction there may be some means of intervention.

A site like this will contain a lot of generalized information from within several gang communities from all over the
country and the world.
The purpose of any information placed on is not to assist law enforcement in any manner, so
I say to anyone posting any type of information on this site be conscious of whaever it is that you post, because it is
already known but I will mention for the unknowing “Anything posted on the internet is published for the world to see,
copy, and repost any and everywhere they wish to put it on the world wide web and anyone and everyone can read
your post, see, or copy your pics, (and that includes law enforcement, adversaries, and anyone else).

We are fully opened to creative expression from within the gang communities, (Not exclusively Bloods and Crips, but
Peoples Nation, Folks Nation, Nortenos and Surenos and anyone else).
The main rule to what it is that is considered acceptable contributions to this site is that none of the content be seen
as disrespect to anybody else’s sett or community.

There will also be acceptance of music where independent artist will be able to post their music videos on our Youtube
channel (Bloods and World Media).
I am a great supporter of independent rapp artist so feel free to make this your platform, my greater preference is
that all contributors are official members of the communities that they proclaim to represent, but if not make me
aware of that fact.

This is not the platform for internet gangbangin’ and confusion, this is a platform for solutions and resolution.
this may be the most dangerous place online that you can visit, from behind the safety of your keyboard.

“Welcome to the World Wide Gangsternet!!”

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